• About jIRleeCh

    Sick of having to know IRC comands and having multiple scripts and plugins for your mIRC Client?  Don't really know IRC very well but want to make use of what it has to offer?  You have come to the right place...

    jIRleeCh is a Java IRC client that is mainly used to ease the acquisition of XDCC packs.  It has an easy-to-use GUI interface with all the basic IRC client features.  It parses packetnews.com to search for packs. No IRC knowledge is needed to use it, as it automatically connects to a network, channel, and queues a pack.

    • Multiple IRC Connections
    • Not required to share files
    • Full IRC client
    • No plugins/scripts needed for automation
    • Search for what you want
    • Resume broken downloads
    • Status and Error messages easily found


    Java JRE >= 1.4


    • Make sure you have Java installed.
    • Unzip jIRleeCh.zip to directory of choice.
    • Windows Users:  Execute jIRleeCh.exe
    • Unix Users: Execute jIRleeCh.sh